ENT Department


  1. OPD Services: The department caters to about 350 patients Everyday at GMSH-16. OPD services are also given at CH-Manimajra, CH-22, CH-45. Special clinics like allergy clinic and vertigo clinic are simultaneously carried out in the OPD.
  2. Operative Services: Various ENT surgeries like Septoplasty, adeno- tonsillectomy, Tympanoplasty, FESS and many other ENT related surgeries are done in the department. Hair transplant is also done in ENT department.
  3. Audiological services: Audiology wing of the department offers pure tone audiometry and OAEs for hearing assessment. Speech therapy is also done in this wing.
  4. Disability certificates are also issued by the Department to the hearing disabled.
  5. Inmates of the Model Jail,  Burail and juvenile home, sector 25 are also examined from time to time.
  6. The Department is running DNB programme in anaesthesia with 2 primary,2 secondary DNB and 2 diploma Anaesthesia from year 2021 and their regular classes are held as protocol. 





Help Line


Contact-102 0172-2782457


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Contact-102, 0172-2782457