Dietetics Department


Dietetics Department is working since the inception of the hospital i.e. since 1956. Dietetics Department Govt. Multi Speciality Hospital Sector -16, Chandigarh provides one of the most important hospital services contributing to the recovery of health through scientifically prepared diets.


The important functions of this Dietetics Department are grouped under:



Establishment, Procurement, Storage, Accounts, and Records.



Internship programmes, Nutrition Awareness Programmes, Preparation of diet schedules and Regimes.



Clinical services, Food processing, Production and Meal Service Management.




The Dietetics Department is recognized to impart internship training to students of Post graduate Diploma in Dietetics and M.Sc Foods and Nutrition from different states all across India. Interns are exposed to the functioning of the department, ward rounds, diet counseling to the patients, presentation of seminars and case studies.

Various Continued Nutrition programmes (CNE) and awareness programmes, Nutritional exhibitions, and workshops for patients are organised by Dietetics Department.




  • Implementation of Poshan Abhiyan
  • Provision of free diet and counseling to pregnant mother under Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakar (JSSK).
  •  Diet counseling under Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan (PMSMA)
  • Nutrition education and free diet to Severely Acute Malnourished (SAM) children.
  •  Nutrition related activities for children and adolescents under National AYUSH Mission.
  •  Diet planning for Tuberculosis patients under National Tuberculosis Programme.
  • Nutritional awareness generation programmes under Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).





Clinical Services :-


Daily individualised diet counseling for indoor and outdoor patients, prescription of diet charts are done by following ABCD approach as per the diagnosis of diseases by qualified dieticians.


Meal Services :-


Meal services are provided to general as well as private ward patients round the clock in GMSH-16, Chandigarh and other three Civil Hospitals i.e Manimajra, Sector 45 and Sector 22, Chandigarh. Diet is compulsory in the maternity wing of the hospital and optional in other parts of the hospital diet. Planning meals is done as per the approved dietary scales by Chandigarh Administration. Team of trained cooks does the main production of healthy & hygienic meals and render in time service to indoor patients under the guidance of qualified dieticians. 


Food Preparation :-

A standard diet schedule is followed for normal and therapeutic diets and feeds as approved by Chandigarh Administration and diet menu is portioned accordingly. Daily diet sheets are consolidated. Raw ration items are received from ration stores after clearing the quality check by Dietician. According to the census of the patients ration is calculated as per diet schedules. The raw ration items are issued to the head cook and pre-preparation and preparation is done. The normal and therapeutic meals are cooked accordingly. The cooked food is then loaded in the food trolleys under the supervision of the dieticians. The food is then distributed as per the diet lists in the respective wards and other sub health centers. All the food trolleys are then washed properly for further usage.

 Safe Environment :-

Annual medical checkup (Eyes, ENT, Skin, X-ray chest, Gynae) of staff of patient kitchen is done by doctors to control the infection among food handlers. Food handlers are strictly instructed to wear uniform, disposable head gears, disposable gloves and masks. 

Regular cleaning and washing of kitchen area is followed to maintain hygiene and sanitation standards. Work area is disinfected daily with food grade disinfectants. Microbiological sampling of kitchen slabs, work area and water is done by pathology department on monthly basis. Periodic pest and rodent control measures are taken to maintain hygiene and sanitation in patients kitchen.

Feedback from patients :-

In general as well as private wards , the feedback forms for food , services and food handlers  are given to the patients on a regular basis. On the basis of various suggestions / opinions thus obtained, we try to improve our meal services accordingly.

Preparation of organic manure :-

Organic manure is prepared by utilising food waste (vegetable and fruit peels etc) of patient kitchen. So that plants in the hospital are organically nourished.


Ms. Manisha 

(Head of Department)

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Contact-102, 0172-2782457