Pharmacy Department

Hospital Pharmacy is the department, service or a domain in the hospital organization managed under the direction of a professionally competent, legally qualified pharmacist.

In Govt. Multi Specialty Hospital, sector, 16 & its allied units, the pharmacist is are giving their services in the following department.

  1. Hospital Store (Control Drugs, Surgical, equipment store) :- To ensure timely supply, proper storage and handling of drugs & surgical items
  2. Emergency Infection Room: - to ensure administration of infection to the patient & also ensure  safe infection policy.
  3. Bills reimbursement section: - to ensure correct & timely reimbursement of bills as per policy adopted by U.T. administration.
  4. OPD PHARMACY: - To ensure proper dispensing of drugs along with their proper storage and proper records.


Help Line


Contact-102 0172-2782457


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Contact-102, 0172-2782457