Physiotherapy Department

Physiotherapy department is a health profession concerned with helping to restore well being to people following injury or disability. Physiotherapist use mainly physical approaches to promote maintain and restore physical, psychological and social well being taking account of variation in health states.

Physiotherapy department provides both inpatient and outpatient service to patient referred by their consultant teams.

Using knowledge from extensive scientific background of human anatomy and physiology, physiotherapist can help to assess diagnose and treat conditions and illness that affect people in all ages and social groups, assist in injury prevention and promote healthier lifestyles for all.

Facilities available:

  • Microwave diathermy cum traction unit
  • Microwave diathermy
  • Shortwave diathermy
  • Electrical stimulator
  • Traction unit
  • Ultrasonic therapy
  • TENS
  • IFT
  • Wax therapy
  • Therapeutic gym ( treadmills, static cycle, zero runner)
  • ICU care
  • Post natal exercises
  • IPD cases
  • Multi exercises chair
  • Shoulder wheel and shoulder pulley
  • Intermittent compression therapy.                              






   Dr Nitin Pruthi( BPT, MPT) 

  (Head of Department)     




Help Line


Contact-102 0172-2782457


Contact-112, 0172-2782457


Contact-102, 0172-2782457